Welcome to Antique Alley! We offer a vaster array of antiques, collectables and movie props than any store in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  You can find anything from a 200 lb bronze ship’s propeller to an Edison amberola record player. We have been located at 605 Front Street in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada since 2003.


At Antique Alley, we are always buying. We also buy items from estate sales and we organize house clearances too. Have something to sell? Learn more here –>


Although everything in our store is for sale, we also rent to the movie industry, independent film makers, stage producers, artists, photographers, weddings, theatre groups and more! View our Rentals page –>


We offer free furniture delivery on items with a value of $500 or more throughout New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver. For online shoppers, an additional shipping fee is added to your order. This price is based on product weight and shipping location.


We have rustic antique, Georgian to mid century modern furniture, vintage accessories, retro lamps, Persian rugs, art with real feelings, collectables, knickknacks, industrial items (remember when people had “real” jobs), militaria, cultural artifacts, vinyl records, ephemera, used electronics, funky deluxe junque and shabby sheik decorative pieces…etcetera.  Many pieces in our vast inventory have been used as movie props!


Our motto is “Common courtesy and mutual respect;” which means everyone is allowed in even Snobs (although we look down our noses at them).  Browse our store and find that perfect vintage item.  Visit our online store here –>


Our store is located at 605 Front Street, New Westminster. Front Street is a popular filming location for the movie industry, television industry and for local photographers. The gritty, industrial look and feel makes for fantastic background effects. In “Rumble in the Bronx” the location passed for New York City. In “I-Robot” false store fronts changed the scene to Chicago in the year 2035 with the parkade being the Chigago L transit lines. In “Shooter”, the street became Philadelphia with the Fraser River standing in for the Delaware. For the popular Twilight series “New Moon”, Front Street became the scene of Bella’s thrill-seeking motorcycle ride. In “Godzilla”, Front Street was made over into a section of Tokyo which had been quarantined after a nuclear disaster. Other popular tv shows such as “Smallville”, “Supernatural”, “The X-Files” and “Arrow”… have filmed here over the years.


Give us a call at (604) 759-1422 or stop in today! We are located at 605 Front St, New Westminster, British Columbia, two blocks from the Columbia Sky Train Station. See a map to our location here